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Halo night!

Had a crap ton of fun at the halo night! I kicked butt too, I cannot wait to challenge y’all again! 

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Late Night

Shoutout to all the guys that went to late night at the markee! I had a great time, I hope y’all did too! I just wish I could’ve gotten one of them fancy balloon masterpieces. But I got a ton of free food and drinks instead to fill the void! Also the life size hungry hungry hippos was amazing! With how greedy I was about that food you could say I was a hungry hungry hippo. 

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Pool Tourny!

Man that pool tournament on Thursday was fun! We had a tournament of Doubles, and then singles. Not to brag, but I won both of them (well my partner and I did), but ya’ll put up a heck of a fight!

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Getting Stabbed 

Shout out to all those that donated and or volunteered at the blood drive. And for those who didn’t, I now know you that much better. Whatever the reason you did or didn’t donate, whether it is a fear of being stabbed(fear of needles) or going for the free snacks, or the social aspect (that’s why I do it) I’m proud of you!

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Brockert Hall Party!

Big shout out goes to the people of Hall Council for putting on a party for us on Thursday. Another shout out goes to all the people that attended. Thanks Ethan, from Ground Floor for helping me not be the only one from our wing there!