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After all that awesomeness at egg fest, how could ones day get any better? Well mine sure got better when I went to learn about frogs down in memorial park with a professor! Maybe it wasn’t the highlight of your day, but seeing the smiling faces of the kids searching for frogs had to make your day a little better. At the least, you guys made me happy.

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Pizza with a Professor

A big shout out to our guest last night, Michelle, who was kind enough to come to Brockert and join us for pizza, you guys all had some great questions and it was an opportunity that we all learned from. I even got some of my questions answered. Fun fact that she didn’t tell the group, is that when she was a freshman here, she was in Brockert! That explains why she found us so easily!

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Down in the KCMR today we had a staff member from the LGBT program talk to use about the community. It was an educational time and I think we all feel me informed now.