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These door decs are…out of this world!

Horrible puns aside, ground floor got some sweet new doordecs. These ones are space themed and come with 1 of 7 horribly cheesey (yes that was also a moon pun) jokes all about space and astronauts. They may make you want to hit me because they are so bad, but hey, if it makes you smile, chuckle, or say “ohhh god that was bad” I feel like my mission was successful!

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Ground Floor Brownies Galore!

Stop on by this week for a brownie or two. They were made fresh out of the box this weekend. Enjoy! 

P.S. Don’t wait too long otherwise they might be gone!

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Stress balls

Last night we had a fun event making stress balls. We colored socks and filled them with either rice, flour, salt, or beans. It was a great time and a shoutout to Justin for making one with me! This will definitely be a fun way to release stress.