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Martin Luther King Jr. Quote

Check out this awesome quote from Martin Luther King Jr. for a little bit of inspiration.

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Five Basic Emotions Bulletin Board

All five of these emotions are important in their own way. A little of each is great but a little too much of any one can cause big problems. Know your emotions and know when each should be used. If in need of additional assistance please see the movie “Inside out”.

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Studies have showed that when one person see another person smile that person instantly feels happier. Studies have also shown that bright colors have the ability to cheer people up. Happy people do better in school. That’s why there is a giant emoji on the wall. Enjoy 😊

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Joke’s on you!

So it’s not April fools day anymore, you can atleast find out some mega pranks pulled on Aprils fools day by some big name people! It’s a great way to procrastinate…erm…I mean destress from all the studying that you’ve been doing!

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Stress relieving fun

I know I sure am getting stressed with all my school work. (This is actually my break from mech of materials homework) So why not come down and check out the new bulletin board about relaxation and stress relief. 

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How aMAZEing!

Brockert hall ground floor got a new wave of door decs and I gotta say, they are pretty swell. On this weeks new installment of door decs, residents have a nice little maze sitting on their door with a silly pun wishing them a good semester, sometimes that little boost of encouragement and a slight distraction from the stress that college brings is enough to help someone out and just feel a little better inside.