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Tie dye 

Shout out to the residents that stopped by at the tie dyeversity event. Even if you didn’t do any actual tiedying, hopefully you learned something, and enjoyed the free candy.

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A little bit of pride

With pride week so close, ground floor has a bulletin board about the LGBTQ community. Check it out and you might learn some new! 

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Autism awareness month

April is autism awareness month. The symbol for it is a blue puzzle piece and just the color blue in general, so naturally that is what ground floor’s new door decs are! Sorry for some of the rough edges, darn printers.

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Essential Reads

Groundfloor has a bulletin board with the top 10 rated must read books for men. I’ve read maybe half of them. Some of these books are considered classic literature, others not as much. Check it out and then head to the library to…check it out!(ha! Punny!)