Song of the Week

It’s the NEW SEMESTER!!!! A new year is pretty close to a new world right?


Week 15: The last week before finals week. GOODLUCK EVERYONE!

Week 14: It’s sunday and we have snow so I’m taking the opportunity here…

Week 13: We are approaching the end, but we’re not there yet. Just hang in there!

Week 12: Hey! It’s almost break! Here’s the new song.

Week 11: I forgot that last week had veteran’s day, so I am going to make up for it now.

Week 10: Hey, its November, That means christmas music right?! Right?! Well I don’t think there should be, but to please those who enjoy it, this week’s “song of the week” is my favorite christmas song. This song is PG-13 for adult situations and language.

Week 9: Seeing that we have a pizza based wing event coming up….

Week 8: The semester is approaching the half way point, so whats more fitting than this song.

Week 7: Week 7, post homecoming, when we are going to have to start getting back into the swing of actually doing work again.

Week 6: This song fits the theme of this week perfectly.. well the name does anyway.

Week 5: The prehomecoming week, take it easy this week because next week might be hell.

Week 4: Can never go wrong with some Blink right? Blink 182’s hit song “all the small things” is this week’s song of the week.

Week 3: The song of this week is….I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Week 2: This week’s “Song of the Week” is….It’s a Long Way to the Top

Week 1:

I like the idea that Chase had of a “Song of the Week,” so I will continue the tradition! If you have any suggestions of a cool song, let me know.

This week’s “Song of the Week” is (drum roll): What’s Up by 4 non blondes

or my personal favorite version of it:


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