Egg Fest

Shout out to the guys that showed up for egg fest! Hope you guys got to enjoy all the free food and fun activities! Image result for eggfest platteville

April Break!

Sunday is Easter, so ground floor is getting egged. Easter egg door decs that is! Check these things out!


Roommate hates your awful snoring? Maybe you can’t stand the room next to you that has someone sleeping at 7pm and is snoring so loud it shakes the building.  Send them to the new bulletin board and find out 10 tips to help reduce or even eliminate snoring!

Essential Reads

Groundfloor has a bulletin board with the top 10 rated must read books for men. I’ve read maybe half of them. Some of these books are considered classic literature, others not as much. Check it out and then head to the library to…check it out!(ha! Punny!)

This or that update!

We got a new round of this or that this week! This time it is “permenant garlic breath” or “farting green clouds” 

Last time it was which one you like, this time is which one you hate least. I voted farts because it would be funny to fart green clouds. 

Pool Tourny!

Man that pool tournament on Thursday was fun! We had a tournament of Doubles, and then singles. Not to brag, but I won both of them (well my partner and I did), but ya’ll put up a heck of a fight!

It’s madness!

It’s about time for break and groundfloor has gotten some march madness themed door decs! Hope everyone has a great break!

It’s a major choice

I know I sure am getting stressed, and when I get stress I sometimes wonder why I chose my major. For those that feel the same, it’s never to late to change your major. Check out the puzzle piece bulletin board about making a choice of changing your major. 

Very Well

Did you know march is wellness month? Because I didn’t know that until I made a bulletin board about it. And no, wellness month is not about oil wells or where you get your water. Come check out the sweet boards on ground floor. 

Stress relieving fun

I know I sure am getting stressed with all my school work. (This is actually my break from mech of materials homework) So why not come down and check out the new bulletin board about relaxation and stress relief.