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Diversity board

Please take the time to read my bulletin board on diversity.

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Late Night

Shoutout to all the guys that went to late night at the markee! I had a great time, I hope y’all did too! I just wish I could’ve gotten one of them fancy balloon masterpieces. But I got a ton of free food and drinks instead to fill the void! Also the life size hungry hungry hippos was amazing! With how greedy I was about that food you could say I was a hungry hungry hippo. 

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After all that awesomeness at egg fest, how could ones day get any better? Well mine sure got better when I went to learn about frogs down in memorial park with a professor! Maybe it wasn’t the highlight of your day, but seeing the smiling faces of the kids searching for frogs had to make your day a little better. At the least, you guys made me happy.