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Dance Marathon! For the KIDZ!

Dance Marathon is a fun fundraiser that raises money for children’s families at the Children’s Miracle Network in Milwaukee. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Children’s Miracle Network, it is one of the best hospitals in the United States specializing in child illnesses/diseases. Thousands of kids are treated for life threatening diseases everyday. Most of the families watch their child either die or come inches away from death. Dance Marathon is a fun inclusive way for anyone to have fun and raise money for these kids. 

At the event, once it started at six o’clock in the afternoon everyone was asked not to sit down in memory and honor of the parents and children who are restless and waiting for good news to come their way. This past Dance Marathon raised almost $14,000 and had over 250 people participate. These numbers substantially increased from last year where the event raised around $3,000 and only had 50 participants. For anyone looking to give back and looking for a good time, mark Dance Marathon on the calander for next year. For more information on the Children’s Miracle Network and Dance Marathon check out the links below.


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 Dobson hall hosted cupcake wars. Cupcakes, fun, competition, how great is that?! Amazing! Shoutout to Devon for competing!