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Tie dye 

Shout out to the residents that stopped by at the tie dyeversity event. Even if you didn’t do any actual tiedying, hopefully you learned something, and enjoyed the free candy.

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Hall Council partaaaay

Shoutout to the hall council e-board for throwing an end of the year party, and then being kind enough to let the entire building join later! It allowed my residents to hangout and play some videogames and get some rootbeer floats

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Finals are coming….

Brace yourself.  Finals week is imminent, so what is more fitting, than a bulletin board all about how to ace those tests! This awesome board has got some tips to give you the edge over those pesky exams! Check it out and goodluck!

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Late Night

Shoutout to all the guys that went to late night at the markee! I had a great time, I hope y’all did too! I just wish I could’ve gotten one of them fancy balloon masterpieces. But I got a ton of free food and drinks instead to fill the void! Also the life size hungry hungry hippos was amazing! With how greedy I was about that food you could say I was a hungry hungry hippo. 

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Autism awareness month

April is autism awareness month. The symbol for it is a blue puzzle piece and just the color blue in general, so naturally that is what ground floor’s new door decs are! Sorry for some of the rough edges, darn printers.